Cobblestone Communities


On Several occasions I had clients reporting to me that they had applied for a mobile home in the Sun Valley Estates 55+ Mobile Home Park. Each time those clients very strongly felt that they were discriminated against and profiled. Upon review of Florida Statute 723.061 that has a small section in there regarding grounds to be denied an initial application is if that person or person(s) poses a threat to the safety and well being of the community. | Since, my office has gotten numerous complaints, we decided to post this information by stating 100% facts. Recently a 62 year old male applied to buy in Sun Valley Estates they made him pay an up front fee then denied him based soely on the fact that he had a conviction (19) years ago for possession of marijuana. The Florida Rules of Evidence does not allow the use of any convictions in the court system that is older than (10) years old. This is just one example of what has been going on at this park. | How can a simple marijuana conviction (19) years ago be a threat to the safety and well being of this mobile home community that is NOT in any gated community but wide open for anyone to walk the grounds. Including real criminals!! Our company has decided to monitor this mobile home park for violations of federal Fair Housing Act and any other local or stat housing laws.

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