Coggin chevrolette of the avenues


Coggin chevrolette of the avenues Traded in a Dodge Journey they drove it put a figure onit and now can’t get financed for time on job so gaveback car we boughtbutourcarnow hasa blown motor and they want me to pay for it Jacksonville Florida!!. Traded in a 2017 Dodge Journey and they drove it put a number on it. We were put in a car purchased then about a month later was told to bring the car back and get our journey they said time on job wasn’t long enough we did but when told our Journey was broke down so asked what happen they said after sending the car to auction they had to stop them from selling it and drove it back to dealership onway back caroverheated they kept driving it and now motor is fried. We had to call my son to pick us up and had no wheels for several weeks. I gotmad went in and said ineedwheels for work as I am about to lose this job and they finally gave us a loner car.I have to make payments onthis car still and they just put a used. Motor in the car. We have to pay over $900 for it they bought the motor.toldus it was $3000. But looking into it can get for $1500. To $1800. Plus labor of$900. I can pay itzo what do we do now. This all stems from buying the car 5 months earlier at Auction direct but that’s another badstory.

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