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I purchased cogzidel’s airbnb clone called “dropinn.” before purchasing, i asked a lot of questions to the sales rep who assured me on every level. I ended up purchasing the product, and as soon as i installed it on my server, i saw the reality. The best way i can describe it – their products are all empty shells. Like ording a dvd player with a bunch of rocks on the inside. Nothing works besides the design, the search engine doesn’t work, the calendars do not work, the site freezes for some reason, you can’t upload, you can’t look for listings, you can’t make transactions, you can’t add ‘neighborhoods’, you can’t search ‘neighborhoods’ – nothing. I first tried to work with cogzidel to see if their tech team can complete the code. They admit that the code is incomplete and not functioning but they want me to wait until the “next release of the code” in order to get what i paid for. After doing research on the company, i can see that all of their reviews are fake and if you really read them you will find all of the people who got scammed by this company. They use all of their employees to make reviews about them working at the company – but the actual consumers are all 1 stars saying scam and stay away. Also, if you look at their reviews on complaint board they also tried using tactics to bury the negative reviews by typing the same response over and over and over.

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