c Robert Bello,Danny Cooper,Sean Gilbert,Marta Kot. Bitcoin scam. Take your deposit and can’t withdraw. London England!!. I deposited $ 2800 and made $6500 profit in six months with my own trades. December 17-2019 I tried to make a withdraw but was refused because of compliance documents missing. I resent everything they asked for. Now it’s pending. I have $8000 withdraw pending with no response from support or the compliance emails I’ve sent. The phone number from NewYork doesn’t do anything. For a week or so I couldn’t reach the website with a message stating China has hacked the system. It’s back online now.These are the names of the so-called brokers who have called me to deposit more money into coin-banks but will not help me get my withdraws completed. Robert Bello, Danny Copper, Sean Gilbert. They all have Mideastern accents. My phone identifier says Newyork but they tell me they are in London when I ask them where they are calling from, So as of right now I have $8500 of withdraws pending . 1/24/2018

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