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Complaint: I sent a wire in the amount of $5,000 to the company, Coinbase (their bank Merchant Commerical received the wire) in order to purchase some crypocurrencies from my Bank of America on 12/4/17. Coinbase sent me an email stating, they were rejecting my wire and returning my funds to my bank due to my last name not matching their records. My Bank of America account still bears my previous last name of (Hanserd). My last name was change in October of 2012 to Cromwell, after I got remarried and I never updated my Bank of America account. I had made multiple debit transfers from this account to Coinbase successful so it didnt occur to me that if I decided to pay the additional fee for an overnight wire transfer ($30) in order to utilize the Coinbase exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies that it would be issue. I contacted Coinbase through email on 12/5/17 and was told by Harrison (customer service rep) that the funds would be sent back to me in a few days but could take up to 7 days. I contacted Coinbase again on 12/14/17 regarding this issue of not receiving the wire back and I have yet to here from them. I tried calling their corporate office by phone (888-908-7930) on Thursday, December 14th and 15th only to get no one on the phone. When you call their number a recording comes on that saids their call volumne is too high and to call back then it hangs up. It doesnt allow customers to leave a message. I contacted Coinbases bank, Merchant Commercial Bank, to whom the wire was sent to on Coinbase behalf per Coinbase wiring instrustions and they told me that the wire was indeed received and deposited into Coinbase account. But that they could not return it to my bank until Coinbase advised them to do so. I also had my bank, Bank of America, to submit a request to Merchant Commercial Bank (Coinbase banking institution) on 12/14/17. I still haven’t heard anything.

Tags: E-trade, Financial Services, Wire Fraud

Address: 548 Market St #23008 San Francisco, California United States


Phone: 888-908-7930

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