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Complaint: coinbull makes big promises, so i made a small investment to see what they are all about. after a while i realized i did not want to do business with them. (my account manager David brooks sounded like a bad used car salesman). i did not trust him at all, he kept on asking for more money and asking questions that did not seem like an account manager should be asking. he kept bragging about all the money he managed, 13 million he said. he also said my investment was so small he wanted more so he could make me money. I was uneasy about this to begin with, now after the coinBULL was up to my ears, I decided to ask for my investment back. I did not do any trades or ask for any money that was not mine, i just wanted my own money back. in the platform you have no control over taking money out you can only put money in and move it around. so no matter how much it says you have, it is not yours until you “account manager”” approves your request. So i put in the request. then was contacted by legal department and was forced to sign a document that actually says you can not get your money back. in the e mail i sent it to them

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Address: i made them say that this document does not void my ability to have my withdraw request fulfilled. Then i e mailed my “”account manager”” and told him i signed the document you said i had to sign so i can have my money back…. no contact

Website: and over and over again i was not taken care of. A month goes by… so i started contacting the platforms chat and support for assistance. Over and over again i got on the chat and asked for help and over and over again they said someone will call me… no calls for a week of that twice a day. Then finally David brooks called me from a international number. he said “” first Mr James let me say your welcome

Phone: no contact

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