Cole Creek Taxidermy Review


I had the pleasure of visiting the great state of New Mexico in September 2017 on a guided antelope hunt. As fortune would have it, I bagged a trophy antelope. While at the butcher shop I contracted with Jennifer Drake Comstock for her taxidermy services and paid her a $350 down payment. | The Problem | Since that time Jennifer has fell off the face of the earth. Deleted her email address and cancelled her cell phone. In the past two and a half years, I have only been able to speak with Jennifer twice after leaving two dozen messages at the Internation Bank (575-445-2321) where she works. | The first time was in December 2018 where she made excuse after excuse and did not fulfill her commitment. The second time was in early July 2019. Again, she had a whole host of excesses. She agreed to send me my skull and cape by the end of July and I would have the taxidermist service completed here locally but never did. | You Should Know | Jennifer Drake Comstock is a thief. I have contacted and reported her to the NMDGF, the hunting outfitter, and local butcher who no longer users her for the same reason. I am also letting them all know where she works and how to contact her so additional clients can try and recover their stolen money.

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