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I ordered 2 products a Tomato Tree, and a Strawberry plant supposed to be roots. When I ordered it said it was in stock. So I called and told them I ordered this 2 weeks ago, she was rude and told me it takes about 2 weeks for them to be mailed out. This I know is a lie, I have ordered before from them and it was 2 to 3 days when they shipped my order. I emailed them twice about it, and never recieved any information why it was taking so long. In fact your supposed to recieve a email right after you order your product to confrim they got the order, never received that. Other companies would send me a email when they had to back order a product I recieved no such thing. She never said the reason why it was taken so long,I asked her yet she probably did not hear me through all the yelling she was doing at me. I have bought numerous things at this store, now I just want to not buy anything from them anymore. I will even return their catalog and write on it return to sender I will never order from you again. Also I noticed their number is long distance probably so people that live far like I do will not call and bother them. Like I said I put 2 emails to them and they never answered me back. If you have problems with a company you can also go to the Better Business Bureau on-line and they will help you get business taken care of. I would still put my complaint on here also though. That way people will know about these companies that take advantage of people. Most people do not know about the Better Business Bureau .

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