Colleen Farris – Fort Smith, Arkansas Arkansas


Colleen Farris decided to interfere in my marriage and her and my husband had things going but as soon as I told her fiancÚ in person he left her but yet she still try to contact my husband. She’s cheated on her fiancÚ since Jan 18th. I know my husband is also to blame to but she lead him on. They worked together and everything while she was engaged and claiming she don’t mess up marriages but yet now that me and my husband are picture perfect. She’s tried hitting him on snap chat and calling him private. He changed his number too… she will do anything to sleep with employees that are married. She’s been with 6 guys within two week span. She’s nasty as they come… so ppl should beware of her and around their men. She’s not one to be trusted at all. We talked and she told me everything but yet she’s still trying to get at my husband because her fiancÚ don’t want her no more. People need to know how she is and what kind of person she is she will do anything with anyone, even woman… she’s so nasty.

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