Colleen Hendrix – New Braunfels, Texas Texas


This scandalous female is nothing but trash. She is scum of the earth and pursues married men constantly. Has no care about if they have families or not. Claims she’s single and will do what she wants… don’t trust this scandalous female with anything! Anyone who thinks they can blow up a married man’s phone for any reason is trash. Whether he tries to call you or not have some decency about yourself to not be a wh*re. Don’t send married men pictures of you trying to pry in their lives for any reason… get your own man you homewrecking wh*re and stop boasting about the douche bags you end up with. Nobody likes you, everyone has had you and still dont want you. Quit chasing married men. I will out you for the wh*re you are! She was calling my husband all hours of the day and messaging him and it was not a good choice but I see how easy it is for someone with no standards. She met my husband for lunch talking bad about me when she doesn’t even know me. She is absolute trash. Stay far away from her!

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