Collossus Ventures


I received a phone call from Collossus Ventures regarding my payments I had made for computer protection, fraud and virus coverage and that they had to refund me. The total was $1130.00 that I had paid totally. They said they could only do $300.00 at this time. We filled out their refund form and $300 was entered but $3000 was transferred. He said I could keep $1500 but would have to go get google play gift cards for $1500. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to go do that and when they were entered my account was overdrawn as the $3000 was not in there. They tried again again to put money in and me to get gift cards as they could only do $4000 or more and I would have to refund them the difference. I said it wasn’t going to happen. I asked to talk to manager and he said I couldn’t. The guy I was talking to was Brandon, 866-531-2794. Other nrbs I have are 207-352-3791, 415-941-6322, 800-763-1922(Patrick). Brandon game me a security number of zmckxmypcqxlypqxm14yp6x. So I’m out of $1500.00. I thought they were legit as he had my ID number which I am suppose to get. Stupid me. I paid $179.80, $400 and $550 for computer support in Jan., March and Nov. in 2018.I need the $1500 back from yesterday and the refund of $1130 and for these people to stop this or maybe get thrown in jail.

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