Colonial Home Warranty Santa Maria California Review


After only two months with the service, I called on Colonial for a stopped up pipe in our main bathtub/shower. They sent out a plumber who said that the drainage is obstructed and they would have to go into the wall and replace a section of pipe. nAfter notifying Colonial, the plumber relayed that the agent told him they would not cover the work. nThe plumber told me that the four or five services hes worked with have covered such projects. He encouraged mento talk to Colonial personally to get it approved. nAfter talking to an agent, again I was flat out denied the service. When I pointed out to him that their contract does allow for an annual $500 one-time limit to provide access to plumbing systems through unobstructed walls, the agent quickly responded that an exception applied to my exact problem; but that they would pay if the problem was a leakage. nMy question to that is What is the difference if the problem is a leak or removing a section of pipe? Five hundred dollars is $500! I quickly cancelled my plan, from which they retained about half of it for only two months of coverage. nI would say that you are witnessing a rip-off, but it was more like a hold up. Because all I could do was hold up my hands as they robbed me out of $167.50, left me with a main bathtub/shower full of pitch black plumbing residue, and a $705 bill to fix it. If ever you are pondering whether or not to use Colonial, look at the user agreement portion of their website. You dont even have to read it carefully,because you can easily see that it is full of exceptions that allow them to weasel out of any one of their customer needs.

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