Columbia House DVD Club Fall River Massachusetts Review


I signed up for an account with Columbia House DVD Club. I also initially purchased one DVD. I received the DVD in the mail and separately received a business envelope with Columbia House welcome letter, a coupon for 6 free dvd’s of my choice with free postage and handling, several brochures of available DVD’s, an invoice payment card listing the DVD which I received and the amount due, a printed Membership Agreement, and two printed envelopes one being for a change of address and the other for the mailing of my payment and dvd coupon. In their pre-printed payment envelope I enclosed a money order for my first dvd, the payment card, and the coupon for the 6 free dvd’s whereas I had listed by number, 6 different dvds of my choice. I put proper postage on the envelope, and I mailed it from inside the post office. About one week after I mailed it, I called to find out if they received the coupon and my payment. They said they did not. Through their website, I accessed my account. The account said that I had 4 free dvds coming to me, but my coupon included in my welcome package was for 6. My welcome info stated that I needed to purchase 2 more dvd’s at regular club prices within the next two years. My account on line said that I must purchase 5 more dvd’s at regular club prices within the next 2 years. I called them again regarding my payment. They said they could not find it. I had placed my return address on the envelope, and it did not come back to me as not delivered. I sent them an email regarding my account and the fact that I made the payment, and they lost it. They answered the email stating that they had no record of payment. So, they had lost my payment, and therefore I also lost the coupon for my 6 free dvd’s. So basically, the info that they sent to me through regular mail, did not agree with what they entered into my account, in other words, Columbia House was conducting fraudulent activities. Several days ago, I sent a long email to them stating all of the facts as I stated in this report. I told them that if they did not cancel my account, I would seek legal counsel against them for fraud. I accessed my account today, and my account does state that it has been cancelled. Columbia House realizes that my paperwork says one thing, but my account says something different, and they know that if I go the legal route with them that they will lose big-time, and they are not going to take that chance, so they cancelled my account right away, no questions asked. Incidentally my account balance says zero. Do you think that they may have received my payment after all and my coupon? nIfixemlegallynFall River, MassachusettsU.S.A.

Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A.


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