Columbia Sportswear Muskegon Michigan Review


I purchased a Columbia Sportswear winter coat for my son last fall. It lasted him about half of the winter season and then the zipper broke. We contacted Columbia Sportswear about this and they said that this defect fell within their covered warranty defects. We were told to send the coat to them so they could verify this and then they would contact us within a specific time period. We sent the coat in and confirmed that this was a covered defect. Per their website their warranty policy states: “If the warranty department determines

in its sole discretion

that the outerwear has a defect covered under this warranty

we will repair or replace it within approximately two weeks. If the defective outerware is not repairable and an identical product is not available

we will replace it with a garment of comparable style and color at our discretion””. When we called

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