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Commercial Paper 8-11-2005 nAs a retail business owner I have a credit card machine that uses small rolls of thermal print paper. I have an agreement with my credit machine provider to provide me with this paper on a regular basis. Commercial Paper contacted my business and posed as my regular supplier. They knew the make and model number of my credit card machine. They informed me that they would be shipping my usual thermal paper shipment with no mention of an price or cost. Once I agreed they started recording. With no mention of cost, they verified that I was the authorized buyer for the company etc. Commercial Paper then shipped a case of vastly over-priced thermal paper rolls to my business, with an invoice. The price was $140.00 for 24 rolls of 2 thermal paper. Normal retail price for this amount of printer paper is $15 to $20. In addition they charged $20 for a 6 pound package, standard UPS ground This could easily be resolved if I could simply return the shipment however when I called, they refused all attempts to accept a return and refused to give a return address that could be used. They had quick access to the recording of the phone conversation and I was told that since they had me recorded as agreeing to the shipment there was no way they would accept a return. I was informed that their PO box address would not accept packages and that I should pay the invoice or be referred to their collection agency. nAfter examining their standing with the Better Business Bureau, I see that I am not the first person to be scammed in this manner. I would be happy to return the product and let them cancel the invoice which I have not yet paid however they are unwilling. nThe name of the person who refused any return was Thomas Baker (so he said). nWilliamnPUYALLUP, WashingtonU.S.A.

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