Commers Conditioned Water Minnetonka Minnesota Review


BUYER BEWARE! We purchased a water softener from Commers. After it was installed, it malfunctioned and did several thousand dollars of damage to our newly remodeled home. We insisted that Commers have their insurance cover the damage. They did, so when the water softener failed recently, we contacted Commers to repair it. We were told that parts were likely not available and that it was not worth repairing. We reluctantly agreed to purchase a new water softener and scheduled the install. A few hours before the scheduled installed, we received a call from one of the owners, Anthony Commers, stating they would not be installing a new softener because we forced them to pay for the damage from the first softener. We chose a different company and are extremely pleased with the equipment and professional installation. As a General Contractor with 32 years experience, I can tell you that a company that refuses to accept responsibilities for their mistakes is a poor choice when it comes to your home. Choose another company. Commers is not a good company. BUYER BEWARE!

9150 W 35W Service Dr NE Blaine, Minnesota USA

(763) 252-7701


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