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I had one of the absolute worst experiences as a customer, with Common Energy. I wanted to transfer the lease because I sold my house and moved to a new one. But Common Energy’s careless customer support team botched it all! I had to call them more than a dozen times, spend hours upon hours on hold, while getting LIED TO!

Common Energy has The WORST customer support!

They told me to bring the documents by X date so I did. But then nothing happened and I had to give them a call again. Finally after I signed off on everything, the company promised to get all the documents ready that day. But guess what? They missed this deadline too! I had to pay more than $500 for the solar lease transfer and I want a refund from them. They are legally responsible for all the delays. When I asked the customer support to pay the $500, they told that there’s no chance the company will pay for the delays. I cannot trust the Common Energy reviews spread online, nobody told me they cheated their customers!

I have friends who bought solar from other local companies and they never had to face issues like these. I wish I hadn’t even gotten the solar from this company. Please please please don’t use Common Energy, I wish someone could’ve told me this earlier. I regret wasting my money on this company. Their attitude, laziness and evilness is beyond tolerable. All I wanted was to move the solar lease from my sold house to the new house I was moving to. I didn’t expect the solar company to be the main issue here. These guys are a big disappointment!

Avoid Common Energy at all costs! They have a lazy & miserable customer service that steal from their customers!!!

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