Community Choice Financial Inc


This “company” says they are 22 yrs old and registered with the better business bureau. Ha! They request your account number to “verify” the account. Sounds harmless enough. So I provide them with my account number….they say it is verified. They say they have to wait 24hrs to fund the loan. So, the next morning I attempted to log into my account and was told to contact the bank immediately. Upon contacting them I was informed that my accounts were being closed and the decision was non negotiable. They would not give me a reason other than to say it was their discretion to close my accounts. I had banked with Chase for seventeen years. Now I had to open a new account,change all my direct deposits and on line Bill paying. This unscrupulous company basically ruined 17 years of banking stability in the stroke of a few keys. Don’t be dumb like I was never give your bank account number to ANYONE OVER THE PHONE. Now I’m stuck reestablishing a new bank account and all that goes with it.

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