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Complaint: I am writing this to bring attention to the treatment of section-8, and or Low-income Families at Henley PL. Townhomes in Christiansburg Va. Community Housing Partners,the property managers of Henley PL.,Huckleberry CT,and Heather Glen Townhomes in Christiansburg and Radford respectively, have only been the managers since 2011. Horizon management was the manager before August 17 2011. Since then CHP’s incompetence has lead to almost all the families at Henley PL. town homes, departure. Huckleberry CT. and Heather Glen are certified as HUD properties(complaints can be handled by HUD),Henley PL is not due to it at one time(during the building) being a private Town Home complex. Several homes were brought as private residences,some more are rented through rental agencies,and a buyer(s) brought the few homes left and accepted section-8 vouchers. Since my tenure the HOA has been hostile and bigoted. They have used the police,and CHP to harass, and have undesirable residents evicted. CHP is and always was aware of the atmosphere here and are bending to the HOA’s will. After 6 different managers in less than 6 months,then breaking up the responsibilities of each complex(to keep a manager representative),CHP actively engaged in evicting people the HOA feel are beneath them. Several former tenants had reported that Maintenance had announced that CHP was getting rid of all the niggers. Other tenants have been on the receiving end of white trash taunts. The police are called on children as young as 4. It’s a cul-de-sac but the police advised the HOA to post signs of no trespassing for the sidewalk and parking lots in front of their homes, which are peppered between the section-8, and rental homes. People, disabled,even in wheelchairs must go into the street,that includes small children. CHP has issued evictions due to gang and drug activity,although there has yet to be a true case.Several months ago they moved in a woman who has a two bedroom home, and she only has a dog. She was put in a low-income home to watch other residents and call the police. She has called at least 10 times in one month, which created a NEW rule that tenants can’t wash their cars in front of their homes. She made a point of telling everyone that she was a close and personal friend of the CHP office. The Head of Maintenance mentioned they were kin. Henley’s property Manager comes to visit her on a regular basis and evictions roll out shortly after. There isn’t a playground for the children at Henley and thanks to the HOA and CHP,there isn’t a place for them to play. If they are outside,the police show up. Other former Tenants had so many fees piled on top of fees they had no choice but to move. Those who won’t go willingly are taken to court for nonpayment of rent,even though they allow payment plans for others,or trumped up charges of drugs,which if founded, jeopardizes your voucher. The HOA has logged so many calls about “suspicious”” teens(hence)gangs and drugs that in the summer of 2010 the DEA set up and monitored the complex. No arrest were made public

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Address: however no teen and or minor that lives(d) in the complex was charged. Recently a 7 year resident was evicted because she was helping a neighbor/ex co-worker’s daughter who was diagnosed with cancer. The neighbor asked if her daughter could stay for three days so that a family argument could pass and then she could return home. She never disclosed the girl’s drug use

Website: gave her a appeals process but told her it wouldn’t help

Phone: actually assured her that the girl’s troubles were behind her. A week later she was arrested for stealing a purse and holding up a pizza shop. The police confirmed it had nothing to do with the resident

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