Community Outreach ( Our Greatest Obligation is raising our future generation) Anti Bullying campainge Burnsville other


Complaint: Community Outreach contacted me on Dec 13,2017 to be part of an anti Bullying campaign for the local schools. I thought it was a great idea and signed up and paid them $1,500. I requested the artwork several times that I had paid for and also called the company several times because I never received anything. After many calls I called them to cancel my relationship with their Company Community Outreach. I was told that I would recieve a credit for my $1,500 on Jan 31, 2018. I never received the credit and called over 15 times to see what the delay was. They told me that my bank had put a red flag on their end to not accept the credit. I immediatley call the bank and they they had never received any credit nor did they put a red flag on my account. After multiple times of getting hung up on and never called back I filed a complaint on March 4,2018 with the Minnesota Attorney Generals office file # MTS/2018/5306843/c. On 3/9/2018 I received an envelope from Community Outreach with 12 regular sheet paper sized cardboard poster which was sent to my home address which my son signed for. This is the worst thing I have ever seen and I had no input on any of the marketing which I was told I would. I think they hurried and sent on the material when they received the letter from the attorney Generals office. I spoke with the VP of Community Outreach Austin and he told me that they would not give me a refund. I guess this is a lesson learned that a lot of companys are out there making a lot of promises . This is a Anti Bullying campaign that was suppose to go out to the local schools. I was told over 2,000 would be sent to the local school districts #196 in my area. I have called the local school districs and have found nothing. Some of the things they tell you. Changing the world one good deed at a time! Working together we will make change and provide a better tomorrow!

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Address: 577 Deltona Blvd Deltona, Florida United States


Phone: 1-800-827-0199

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