The Directors of the Eternal Heart Centre have chosen not to comply with their obligations under the UK Data Protection Act which requires organizations to provide details of data held about individuals, most notably NANCY SWINNEN and ADRIAN FREEDMAN. I wwas told by associates of the Eternal Heart Centre that my bank account could be tracked and a private investigation was being started and a file was being prepared about me. That individual implied he could be rude and did not comply either with a data request. | The Directors were given 40 days to be transparent and turn over the data held about me as there were concerns my bank account details were being circulated amongst others. I was called to give evidence at a police station in relation to an arrest of an individual associated with the Directors who was arrested with 14 kilos of cannabis, was importing the Santo Daime tea (a hallucinogenic brew) and subjected me to mockery, harassment and made threats of death. | I was visted by a friend of the directors on Jan 23rd 2017 and threatened with violence and being killed (police ref report GCLSA 37.17/0), see also the proof of online death threats in above report. | I then was forced to move for the safety of my family and in retaliation for reporting the documented threats and mockery to the police, others in the movement joined in the mockery and said I would flounder in hell, should feel fear, be afraid, was mentally ill and the like. Some of the mockery was also carried out by organizers of the Eternal Heart Centre who face troubling times for importing Santo Daime tea. | They claim freedom of religion, but their members sometimes are arrested and brought before court | | The directors then went to Portugal to do Santo Daime retreats and associates set up centres running Ayahuasca retreats, one was raided by the police and the others in the Eternal Heart group were visited by the police and warned aboutr mockery of witnesses to threats and abuse. It was because they set up a public retreat centre and grew cannabis there (see report above for full evidence). | Then various anonymous members of the group labelled me sick and twisted, and another claiming to be from the same group said a data file was being prepared and I would receive the data, that I would be privately investigated (which is illegal in Portugal) and my bank account could be tracked, and that I was a homosexual pedophile, explaned in this report | The Directors were given numerous opportunities to publically condemn the behaviour of their associates but it is problematic for them as they are not legally permitted to do Ayahuasca in Portugal. They could have signed a simple letter to apologize but they were not interested, and their event organizers tried to make me the scapegoat for all that is wrong in the movement, and claimed secret files and data was being prepared. | The response was to jet set around the world and show no interest in taking leadership and directorship responsibilities for the behaviour of the group as a whole, whom Adrian Freedman guides and leads. Clearly their are lessons to be learned that will help the Daime movement evolve and learn to resoect law and to own its failings, rather than to mock those that point it out. | UK citizens have the right to see such data. | The Directors ignored a formal subject access request as explained here | | I also invoked Principle 6 for my safety as a witness, barring the organization from spreading data because of the risk of harm or distress as explained here | | There is a high suspicion of the misuse of data, or secret files, that may incite further mockery of witnesses. The Directors chose not to be transparent or forthcoming and the Information Commission Office have been asked to enforce disclosure as to the data they have and what the file contains. | A formal Principle 6 request was also filed, the Eternal Heart Centre directors have 21 days to respond. | The author of the report is all for religious freedom, which is the core defence for the importation of Ayahuasca, but they import the tea illegally (see above links) and then claim the defence later. But its members also produce cannabis illegally and so tell the authorities we do not really respect law. | Blaming a witness for the trouble is hardly taking responsibility, and sets a bad example for the Free Santo Daime cause, especia;lly when people are mocked and abused for standing up for their right to live without fear of violence from those who make mistakes and cannot take responsibility. | The Directors now must honour the disclosure request and respond to the Principle 6 invocation, designed to protect whistleblowers and witnesses in police cases, from undue harm, because of circulation of private data.



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