Competition BMW of Smithtown Review


I brought vehicle in for service the second time and the first time was not pleased but next door ty job so it was cnviently located so i figured i would give 2nd chance anyway make long horrific story short when i was told car was finished then was told car wasnt and couldnt find car or keys so i left and came back because i was working and couldnt wait so later i ran in got keys signed and left when i got in my car my seat was pretty much reclined to the floor and my presets were cleared and la mega aa spanish channel was saved and music blasting as the volume was all the way up as well then ran back to work upset but again had to get back to work then later that evening i went o go drop off my watch which was in middle console and saw prior to dropping off and it was gone as it was a present from my daughters for fathers day A buolva watch) they spent about 500/600 which is a lot to them a lot to me and ultimately small price because to me it was priceless from my beautiful daughters and then i keep a bucket with singles/fives and loose quarters,dimes etc with $50 plus dollars in the drivers side door pocket and that also was gone. So now im livid and very upset and call dealership no answer so i leave msg, again next morning call no answer leave msg and then i go up to store becuase no one is answering phone nor returning msg and he says ill be right there and no one comes after waiting 20 mins i leave as i have to run to work now im beyond upset and mngr joe geosits. Service manager. Ext 2127. Joe graf. Assistant service manager both do not call and/or return your calls and when i did finally reach joe geosits he actually said to me that he knows my boss very well and that i wouldnt want to make a big deal or else he would speak to him so another words threaten my job ??? Seriously i hung up on him after he made that statement as i spend 600 plus dollars a month on a car and a customer first and foremost and would think and/or at least hope i could drop my car off and not worry someone is going to go through and steel my belongings and this guy joe actually went on to say you would be suprised what happens and that he is one of the better shops and i should feel lucky … Im at a loss for words for not only having my car and its settings all changed and then my belongings ravaged through then my stuff stolen and when complaining he threatens me after repeated attempts to reach them and only then does he give me a second and its to threaten my employment… Im beyond upset and will go on and file formal complaint with bmw,police department and every review site under the sun so no one gets hurt like this and then disrespected

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