Visalia California Review


I ordered a Dell mainboard from these fools on 6/24/10. On 7/1/10 I had not rec’d a tracking # so I tried to call them to get one. The phone number listed was disconnected. However I rec’d my CC statement and a phone # was listed for them. I called that # and a recording directed me to use a “support center”” website for help. On this website they force you to acknowledge that you “”won’t threaten a chargeback”” and that you “”will conduct yourself in a professional manner””

also they threaten that if you call your credit card company and issue a chargeback for merchandise not rec’d that they will send YOU to collections! What a joke! I finally did hear back from the merchant who stated that they didn’t have a tracking # to give me “”because the 2 computer systems they use do not get along”” I kid you not that’s exactly what the reply stated! It’s now 3.5 week later after placing my order and I have yet to see a tracking # or my Dell mainboard. I took the “”risk”” and called Capital One as well as the Attorney General’s office to take care of these bozo’s. Buyer beware! These guys have NO intention of shipping ANYTHING to you!”

144 N Beverwyck Rd Internet United States of America

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