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Sometime between Friday night 8/20/10 and Saturday morning 8/21/10, my vehicle was repossessed. I assume full responsibility for defaulting on my car loan. What can I say, hard times happen. On Saturday morning, I called Condor Capital inquiring about the location of my vehicle, as I planned on redeeming it. I was told by a woman named Liz that they had no idea where my car was. She explained that there was in fact a repo order, and that when a tow company recovers the vehicle, it is policy that the tow company report to Condor. Seeing as this did not occur, Liz advised me to call the police station because tow companies must register with police prior to recovery. It was only after calling the police, that I was made aware the vehicle was in fact repossessed and not stolen. Liz did advise that the company that recovers vehicles for Condor Capital is ANS Recovery in Irvington, NJ. She then told me that the company is closed on the weekend. This alone really seems criminal…a tow company can charge me for storage on a weekend without giving me the opportunity to get my vehicle or at least my personal belongings out of the vehicle. On Monday morning 8/23/10, I called condor Capital and was informed that the vehicle was towed by ANS recovery, though Liz had no idea the exact location of my vehicle. She gave me the number of ANS main office in Irvington, NJ. When I called I was told that the vehicle was towed to a yard in Somers Point NJ. I was grateful for this because Somers Point is only 25 miles away, while Irvington is >180 miles away. I was given the cell number of the contact person, Pat, in Somers Point. I called Pat and told him I plan on redeeming the vehicle. Pat stated “It’s not going to happen today” and that no one was in the office in Somers Point. I was very upset, because this is now day three that I will be charged without being given the opportunity to get my belongings or my vehicle. I explained to Pat that my purse has multiple forms of identification in it, as well as money, and my son’s car seat is in the vehicle. I begged Pat for empathy, because without my ID I cannot cash my check or withdraw money from my bank and consequently cannot pay Candor Capital. Now keep in mind, Condor Capital had only given me just ten days to come up with the money I owe them or the vehicle would go back to market. Additionally, each day the vehicle was in the impound yard, I am being charged as well. Pat stated he would see what he could do and would call me later. My mother and I drove to Somers Point. The impound yard is very small and every corner of it and in between is very visible. We did not see the vehicle in the lot. I called Condor and explained my situation to a supervisor named Franny, letting her know that this is the third day I have not been given opportunity to get to/ in my the vehicle and without being able, I cannot make a payment. I also voiced my concern/suspicion about my vehicle not being in the yard. She called me back after speaking with ANS and advised me to call Pete from ANS in Irvington. I called Pete and at the end of our conversation I felt threatened and on the verge of a panic attack. He told me that I’m not the only one who is trying to get their car back and there are only certain days (Tues/Thur) and with an appt when I can get my vehicle. He basically called me a liar when I said my car wasn’t in the lot and I demanded to know where it is. He became very upset when I questioned the legality of charging people without giving them information as to where there vehicle is or giving them opportunity to get it or personal belongings out of it. Pete said to me “I don’t have to explain to you why we do things and how we do things.” I told him that since he has my vehicle, he ABSOLUTELY has to explain how they do things. How else would I get my car or possessions back!? This made him very upset and irrate and he told me that my car was towed to a local yard as a courtesy, but now he was going to see to it that the car gets towed to Irvington and he said “then you’ll have to come up here and deal with me!” I perceived this as a threat and hung up with him. I called Franny from Condor, left a message explaining what occurred, called her again and was told she has other voicemails to attend to and I would have to wait. Hours later she never returned my call. I refused to let people take advantage of my situation to make profit or just to terrorize and intimidate me. I called the NJ Office of the Attorney General and explained my predicament. The kind woman who answered, Dee, was not only empathetic but seemed just as angry as I was about the ordeal. She informed me that it is illegal for them to hold my vehicle hostage. She also directed me to the Office of Consumer Protection. I had already warned Condor and Pat from ANS that I planned on calling the Attorney General office. Funny, I got a call not long after that from Pat and he arranged for me to come get my belongings that night. Funnier, this time when my mother and I showed up, my car was parked in the front and he insisted it was there all along. Whatever… Pat told me that Pete did call and told him to tow the vehicle to Irvington…all this because I refused to be bullied and I questioned their practice. Pat told me that he calmed Pete and told him there was no reason to do that and that he would talk to me. Point is, we all make mistakes or fall on hard times. This does not give finance companies or towing companies the right to become predators. Don’t be bullied…know that there are advocates out there, who are willing and able to help without passing judgement. Thank you for letting me vent!!!

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