Coney Island Amphitheater – Live Nation Brooklyn NY


Complaint: 1. They will not let you leave the place once you are seated. You are a prisoner! You can’t go out on the boardwalk to get some fresh air at intermission or escape the numerous people smoking pot next to you that the staff ignores. They claim that if they let you out, you’ll go to the local grocery store and buy food there instead of getting it from their concession stands – so what! They have no right to keep you in there or force you to buy their overpriced hotdogs and chips. I wonder if this policy is even legal? It violates peoples rights and possibly constitutional amendments. 2. There is a bathroom on the boardwalk, that is accessible to people out there who can’t afford tickets and are listening to the concert from the boardwalk. But they purposely lock out people from the boardwalk (to try to force them to buy tickets – then inside, they can use the bathroom that is otherwise open to the public during non concerts) who want to use that bathroom and there is no place else for them to go unless they walk 1/2 mile up the boardwalk to Nathans. This is really one miserable and despicable act of many at this place that you will find their rude staff enforcing. 3. When ordering tickets at the box office. There is no visable seating charts that you can look at or pick out your own seats (which is going to be better than what they dump on you). You have to rely on the clerks to give you a good seat # and row # – and they don’t want to spend the time with you. There attitude is, “here is your $$$ ticket

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Address: take it or leave it and donu2019t bother me.u201d They are not friendly or helpful. My advice: do not buy a ticket there and support this oppressive

Website: but they also charge you a little more money in service charges. If you order from the Coney Island Amph box office

Phone: profit oriented regime. 4. If you order from Ticketmaster

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