Connie Hoag


This complaint goes out to the public ,and will hopefully allow others to stear clear of Connie Hoag,and Hoag Acres at Lynden WA. This is a woman who has tweaked a system of renting out this home,and then making it into a living nightmare with all of intrusive behaviors,and reasons for stoping by on an almost daily basis. I found this website when looking her name up to see if there might be an obituary for her(no joke). Sadly ,it was her ex husband that had passed away last year. I feel badly for that, but I have no question as to why the marriage failed. Nobody wants to be around a person like Connie. She bashed him up and down the block to us ,and told us about how he had cheated on her ,and treated her so badly. I have no doubt that Jay hoag had a belly full in his time with Connie. | I thought that possibly we were just seeing our own side of this with predjudice because she had stolen our deposit with her trumped up list of items damaged or in need of repair. However, after finding this site I will be taking actions against her in Whatcom County, and not with her partnered judge. She failed to maintain control of her tenants, and it resulted in a deadly environment for all of the tenants living there at that time. I don’t care if it’s legal to fire a gun outside of city limits. She guaranteed us that this wouldnt happen again,and it did…often.Her own dog was so frightened durring the last shooting spree that he chewed through his restraint and ran away. The tenants were shooting off there guns over the pasture that I rented while my horse was in it. One night my horse was so frightened that he ran through the fence ,and a neighbor informed me that he was loose,and next to the road. Connie said that it was an isolated incident each time it happened. She is easily the most unstable thinking person that I have ever come across. She is a liar,and a thief. She entered my home illegally ,did an illegal lock change, and returned not one cent of the deposit. I filed all of the reports with the local authority’s, so there is a record for me to draw on, and a Sherriff was dispatched the day that she illegally entered my home. | Connie operates on her own agenda,and doesn’t follow the legal system set-up to protect tenants from this type of person. If you read her rebuttle on one of the complaints against her …She says that she has been a landlord for 25 years, and has had hundreds of happy renters. Connie has a one year lease agreement ! There are only 5 units on the property. Even if everyone of he tenants stayed a year, she couldnt have hundreds of happy renters. It doesnt ad up ! But, Connie will say that “it’s a figure of speach”. When we left that place we couldn’t care less if she died the next day, but now that we see all these other complaints of the exact same issues…we are not done with her!

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