Consolidated Telecom, Inc. Review


The customer service at thisw organization needs a major overhaul. I tried moving avaiable funds from one phone number, within my account, to another phone # within my account. I did not have the debit card that was used originally to open the aqcount, as a new card/# had been issued recently. Not only did the CS threaten to hang up on me if I called in again, she could not provide an answer on why if she had all my info and I proved who I was with her secrity questions, and got rude and defensive….unfortuately if you know someone in jail in my area, this is the monopoly and they know it. Truly worst CS experience I have ever had.


Name: Consolidated Telecom, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Irving

Address: 1320 Greenway Dr # 450

Phone: 469-417-7880


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