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Complaint: Consumer Shield contacted me by phone stating that they could reduce my credit cards debt down to 7-10% of what I owe within 6-8 months and restore my credit within 2 years. I was not interested in there offer because I was making my payments and had a credit score over 800. They continue to call me stating how they could reduce my debt and then restore my credit. I had lost my job and some personal issue at that time and I was ripped off by an online scam ( Power Point Financial ) and this is what they said they could help me with. Looking back on it I think they were involved with the online scam also. There scam was to have me to stop paying all my credit cards, let them go into default and not to have any contact with the credit card companies so they could negotiate a settlement with the companies. Long story short and all most 2 years later they only settle one account and they allow it to go into default and then I had a judgement against me which cost me nearly an addition $4000.00 to settle the account. They never denied it was there fault but there employee Jimmy Douglas whom was my agent there was no longer there to talk to. I was fed up with their poor performance and lack of result so I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Consumer Shield then called me and told me that they had a settlement agreement with another company but I would have to drop the complaint against them with the BBB and write a letter to the BBB stating that I only filed the complaint because I was frustrated before they would continue with my account. I have since contacted the BBB about there demand and filed a complaint with the State Attorney General. This company is using harassment and blackmail against me for filing a complaint against them with the BBB. Buyers Beware! This company will scam you out of your money and not provide you with services. My complaints has been filed with the BBB in Florida and New York. They have a business in both States. They have an “F”” rating with the BBB for a reason !!! Here is there Address: Consumer Shield Consumer Shield 1370 Broadway

Tags: Con Man/ Scam Artist ALERT, Credit Assistance Company, Credit Repair, Credit Services, Debt Relief Program, Fraud- Automotive, Ripoff- Internet

Address: Suite 516 16300 NE 19th Ave New York

Website: 16300 NE 19th Ave North Miami Beach, Florida United States

Phone: NY 10003 North Miami

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