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I am the owner of a small tech services company in san jose ca. I have been in business for 19 years and my company is small but very reputable and we do business with some of the biggest companies in the world based in silicon valley. I started doing business with contingent network services Cns) in 2004, 15 years ago. Back then i worked for serviced based cns as a subcontractor and i travelled all along the west coast doing mission critical point of sale Pos) projects for some of the most successful retail stores. We were told by some cns project managers that we were the reason cns kept key accounts with these retailers because we were able to prove cns could be successful installing technology in the most lucrative west coast stores. Back then my company was billing $75.00hr for services and we were appreciated, being paid late on net60 terms was common but we were doing alot of work for cns so it was still a beneficial business relationship. In 2009 i went to work as a consultant for a larger technology var and for a period i was able to drive some business towards cns servicing one of the worlds wealthiest tech companies, cns eventually failed and lost the account. In 2013 i started doing business with cns again on a very small scale, they offered rates around $45.00hr which was almost half of the hourly rates we were billing them 8 years earlier, i was insulted by these offers and we let them know we would not do business with them at those rates. Cns was purchased by comcast in 2015. In 2018 we accepted a project that was over 100miles away and my company sent two techs on short notice on t&m basis to do a small cabling job, later to find that it was poorly planned. My techs had to survey the site and create a bom Materials list) that would be needed to complete the job. The next day my techs had to go and pick up the materials from a local supplier and deliver the the materials to the site. This project was a crititcal it systems retrofit and cutover and we were supposed to have remote support guiding my techs through each step in order to meet the timeline and keep the critical systems online. The customer support was terrible and my techs were following a poorly written installation script and when we needed support it was not there, in fact the remort support changing shifts and handing off created more of an inefficiency and caused the ultimate failure of the project. Day after day we were requested to return on t&m and each day we sent reports with photos of progress. As the timeline slipped comcast brought in another subcontractor to supposedly fix issues and help get the project back online. This did the opposite, the other contractor did not communicate what he was doing with my techs and this led to misscommunication and ultimately it led to a “down” network at the customers location. We had the project coordinator telling my operations manager that my techs were idiots and he used other charged deragotory remarks more than once. In the end we were denied final payments and we disputed this with very detailed rebuttals and reports with photos. Comcast seemed to understand and agree that the issues were not our fault but more of a misscommunication, but they still denied payment. They not only ripped us off for over $2100.00 on this project but they also have not paid us for a $200.00 service call that was entirely unrelated and completed before the disputed project began. | Comcast has purchased cns, and i know from inside sources that thier management team is failing on multiple levels and they are obviously trying to rippoff small businesses as a result of thier own failures. I decided that instead of paying my lawyer to chase down a couple thousand dollars that i would use social media and platforms like the yscam to blast cns-comcast publicly with the reality that they are preying on and taking advantage of small businesses. I advise you not to do business with them in any capacity.


Name: Contingent

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: West Chester

Address: 4400 Port Union Rd.

Phone: (800) 506-9609


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