Continuum Pictures James Hobbs James Duval and Danny Torres Los Angeles California Review


I made the mistake of taking a meeting with these idiots earlier this year. Danny knows nothing about how to operate a camera and even less about the industry. And James is a bizarre pervert who gets off on lying about who his rich and powerful friends are that is until you call him on it and ask him to get them on the phone or you shoot the person and email and they vehemently deny being associated with either him or Mrs. Torres. nThey swear up and down that they have connections to money when indeed they have none. They were not only a total waste of time, they kept trying to work my connections by lying about wanting to go into production on one of my films and taking every meeting they could with all of my powerful until they felt comfortable pitching their own projects to them and very quickly dropped what they were working on for me. Although it’s hard to say they dropped it when they don’t actually make movies in the first place. Maybe they just quit wasting my time. They seem totally incapable of accomplishing anything in the entertainment industry and all of the projects they have listed in development on imdb have been there for years. nIf they were just strokes, which they obviously are, i would not be posting this. However since Jim is a convicted child molester which can be verified at ( ) and they were constantly trying to get me to “party”” with them I felt the need to warn my fellow filmmakers because i feel that getting to close to these guys could very likely lead to a rape situation. And my feelings come from far more than just being creeped out around them and having Jim bring up sex constantly

I honestly felt like being alone with them could lead to being roofed

raped or worse. nI would advise avoiding them at all costs

but if you must deal with them exercise extreme caution.”

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