Contour Technology LLC Twinsburg Ohio Review


I received my first Gel Pad set on 3/24/12. I was charged $29.95 to join their club for lifetime and receive a gel pad set every month thereafter for shipping only which was $7.95. I received them until 8/12 which came at the end of the month. Late. Then 9/12 never showed up. I was told they were way behind and as soon as they catch up I would be sent the pads. More excuses the next month on still catching up. Then they quit communicating until this year just yesterday stating they no longer will honor the contract and that I would have to buy them at the regular price plus shipping. Just yesterday they told me this. 2/25! nThis was a scam and pathetic service. I will jump in any class action suit against these crooks. Please lets get one started. I will guarantee there are thousands they ripped off. Maybe millions.

10 S. 5th St. Ste. 1000, Minneapolis, Minnesota United States of America


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