Contractors Wardrobe


We have three sets of mirrored closet doors manufactured by Contractors Wardrobe in Valencia, Ca. The mirrors and glass are coming apart under the glass surface and have numerous black, brown and foggy spots all over the mirror glass. They look like they have flys or bugs on the glass or that the mirrors have cancer. You cannot feel the spots as they are under the glass/mirror and cannot be scraped or cleaned off. | It appears that the bonding, curing, processing or chemical process is substandard and are failing. These closet door mirrors are a total embarrassment to all who see them. We have many mirrors and glass products in our homes, newer and older, of which none have ever failed and have had this type of hidious appearance to them. These are a horrific product and we will NEVER purchase any products from Contractors Wardrobe again. They are complete GARBAGE!

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