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Complaint: I’am a licensed California dealer and for years I have been purchasing our invetory various auctions around the nation. One of the auction is the one I’am reporting about here, Copart Inc. I have been purchasing autos from this organization for close to 10 years now. Today I experienced my breaking point. I have many matters in which I’am disgusted about. I will try to be brief and straight to the point.Copart Inc is an online auction that specialize in the sale of auto. They are unique entity where registered members can purchase autos online. Many of these vehicle are involved in accidents that are recovered by major insurance companies such as Farmers, State Farm, USAA, and many smallers insurance companies. Once a car owner is involved in an accident the vehicle at that point is recovered by the insurance company and sold by the insurance through Copart. Copart is the medium which members aquire these vehicles There are many other sellers such as registered dealers like myself, auto dismantlers, charity organizations, car rental companies, etc. For obvious reasons these cars are sold AS IS WHERE IS. The buyer assumes full responsibility of these purchased items. Today I bidded on a vehicle I wished to purchase for my invetory. This vehicle was not a Salvage title item and before I purchased it I inspected it to make sure I would be ok with it. The issue I had with them today was we had some previous invoices that were not paid, and we take full responsibility for. I went to the auction to pay for the vehicle, but they would not release the vehicle they let me bid on. I asked one of the clerks, If I have pervious invoices howcome you let me bid on this item? Eiether you suspend my account until its paid and cleared or let me recover the vehicle I won. The clerk didn’t didn’t have a response. I also work at a large celluar company, and when a customer does not pay their bill, their services are shut off. Many companies work this including the gas company, television servcies, banks, etc. Another time, we sold our vehicle at Copart, and they tried to force us to take the car back because we didn’t disclose some items. It seems that the AS-IS policy only applies to Copart. Copart also takes deceiving pictures of their vehicles, so when you go to look at the vehicle you see what the actual damages are. I have many more claims in regards to this company. I do business with many other auctions, but none of these are crooked as this. Hopefully I can shed some light on this company and help the public become aware of their actions. I’m all for profit and doing business right, but people should not be taken advantage of.

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Address: 2701 WATERFRONT ROAD MARTINEZ, California United States of America


Phone: 925-370-3900

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