Coppell Elite Car Review


Coppell Elite Care billed me $1400 for a 5-minute doctor visit with no special testing or treatment. They do not disclose what they are going to bill you in advance. My insurance company of course did not consider this charge to be reasonable, so they covered only $600, leaving me with $800 out-of-pocket. You don’t get the bill until about 2 months after the visit. When I complained, their response was, essentially, “”you idiot, you should have known that a private emergency room was going to scam you.”” They’re not even a real emergency room and do not have the full sevices of a hospital. Forget about the positive “”recommended”” reviews on – those people have not received their bills yet. Read the non-recommended reviews to see many reports of similar scam and unscrupulous billing practices. These people are sharks who prey upon the sick.

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