CopperChef Complaint


Acct No. 2151K20183414 At the time of th3 purchase I was promised a $50.00 gift Card and 30 days trail coupon. The representative stated that I will receive this information in 7 to 10 business days. As of the date I have not receive any information. Your Customer Supervisor (Renee) was not any help at all. I understand the copper chef wonder cooker does not need a sale pitch like this it can stand on its own merit. If your company started the process and did not handle it correctly as a company representative I would be trying to find the breakdown and not tell the customer some bogus information like Renee stated. The representative did not connect me with any party just expect the information in 10 days. I would have been better off not giving the information. Just because of this mix up you will loose some good customers. Just don”t tell me anything just to sale a product. Somebody needs to be responsible for giving off eronous information.

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