Corey P Smith Memphis Tennessee Review


Corey P Smith appears to be a young hardworking real estate investor. He considers himself an expert on credit and will claim to have written books on the subject but in reality he is a liar, a disreputable house flipper who solicited renters for a property he was trying to flip. He took $2150 in deposits and rent and promised to refinish the hardwood floors and install proper appliances, then said he would be adding granite countertops to set the hook. Once he had my money NO MORE WORK WAS DONE TO THE PROPERTY from mid April to mid June. The property was supposed to be ready by May 1, 2013 but as of June 15 the promised work was never completed at which time he told me he would not return my money and that he was losing the property to foreclosure. This guy lives in a very upscale part of town and drives luxury cars, but cannot be trusted. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

3198 Avenel Cove, Memphis, TN 38125 Memphis, Tennessee USA


3792 Brookmeade, Memphis, TN

Liars, Tenants

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