Corinthian Colleges Inc. Review


I went to everest institute searching for a career where I could better my life and my child’s because been single and only parent things can got extremely hard for me. i met with an admission representative, and the first day we met, i felt like he was literally trying to make me sign up for school. i had my doubts, and i expressed my concerns to him about paying $18,000 and then not finding a job. i was promise someone would work with me directly to help me find a job, that even if i moved to a different state I could still get a job. my last month i was sent to an externship where i had to complete 200 hrs. i was never trained like my school promised. i was stuck doing the work the supervisor didn’t want to do. what i felt comtorable doing they didn’t let me do. they promised me they would prepare me for real life work experience, which never happened. they said they would hire me, but then only hire me as a temp. it’s been about six months, my fears and concerns actually became a reality, i have no job and i’m stuck paying these ridiculous student loans. we didn’t even have a graduation like we were promised. i seriously feel like it was a scam and a ripoff. what i did in class was not worth $18,000.

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