Cornerstone America Fountain Hills Arizona Review


I have to say that I was pretty desperate when I agree to a contract with Cornerstone America (also known as Cornerstone Marketing), but now I’ve learned a good lesson. nDuring an initial interview, I’d rather call it a company presentation, I was told how many successful individuals make high incomes selling health insurance. I was losing interest, but then I was told that every member receives a small amount of fresh leads “A leads”” a week

provided by the company for free. Additional old leads “”B leads”” would be also be given. It was also articulated that one would not have to search in his own social circles to be successful

but working on references and additional marketing would be the key to success. nI made the bad decision to invest about $150 in getting a health/life insurance license and moreso an additional $285 for an agent’s membership at Cornerstone. I was told this price was for a background checkup and would include a set of personalized business cards. nThe initial training was meager at best

it was more an overview of the company than a description of the agent’s job. nIt took a couple of weeks before I noticed that these so-called fresh leads had been given to other agents a week or two prior. This I discovered when potential customers said they had signed for the insurance

sometimes naming an agent in the group

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