Cornerstone Builders houston Texas


Complaint: well after hurricane ike, i hired this company to complete work on my home. all the work was left half done and the work that was complete it a wreck. the new roof they claim to have put up if falling apart and rain in coming in my house, wehn i confronted them about it i was told i just have gotten up there myself and pulled the roof up. also they repainted the outside of my house. it look horrible. they painted over what ever was not the wood… wires, bugs, ect. It was spray painted. the job was completed in one day and now it is peelign adnin somespot they didnt even paint. they did a horrible job and he is a so call paster that tols me he will put a lien on my house if i dont pay him the rest of the money. i would not advise anybody to hire these people or attend there church. bad paster

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Address: P.O. Box 451673 houston, Texas United States of America


Phone: 281) 438-2816

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