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Matt Riesenweber Doesnít Respect his Clients – Uses Harsh Tone and Avoids any Questions

Do anything except hiring Cornerstone Wealth Strategies. Itís a financial planner firm in Kennewick, Washington and has some of the worst and indecent professionals of the area. 

My financial advisor, Matt Riesenweber, would never listen to anything I say and always use demeaning terms in a meeting. He talks in a rude manner and acts as a know-all. Instead of asking me what I wanted to achieve financially, he would tell me what I should think of. Matt is a micro-manager and treats his clients like he would treat an intern at his company. On top of all that, his team members donít do anything about this problem too. Why would they? Matt is their boss, after all. 

Apart from that, Matt and his advisors donít prepare plans for their customers. I asked them multiple times to give me a proper plan but they always avoided it!

Horrible Service By Cornerstone Wealth Strategies

I had contacted Cornerstone Wealth Strategies by calling them on their number (509) 396-0588 and at that time, I had a good conversation with their representative. Their client service specialists do an okay job, but their wealth advisors are horrible, just horrible. I used to talk to Matt and he was my wealth advisor for a long time! During that entire duration, I never even heard of a ‘good plan’ from him or anyone from that company. They were providing me with investment planning services but they never provided me with any proper or reliable plans whatsoever.†

Nevertheless, Matt would always make sure that you knew who you were talking to. He would remind you that he is a sought-after professional and his time is valuable. In his books, the client knows nothing. 

I had asked Matt to develop an indepth plan and give me some suggestions. He gave me several suggestions but never explained what their role was in the plan. According to Matt, I should have simply followed his advice and done what he was telling me to do because he knows everything.†

His behavior was quite irritating and Matt’s narcissism doesn’t help the case.

Whenever I questioned any suggestion or decision, Matt would cut that meeting short and start claiming that I should think more about his suggestions rather than ďcome up with excusesĒ. 

This is a regular problem with Cornerstone Wealth Strategies. Their wealth advisors are jerks who act as know-alls and force their preferred investments on their clients. 

I think SEC should look into those people after they only care about their fees and commission. Most of the clients complain that the advisors never prepared a plan even when requested for one, multiple times. Either their financial advisors are lazy or they donít value financial planning. The only reason why any client would even stay with them for any time might be because of their client service professionals. But those client service associates arenít the reason why anyone would hire Cornerstone Wealth Strategies. People hire these people for their investment planning services, which they fail to deliver.†

I spent a fortune in fees and commissions. Still, they didnít improve their services even for a bit. I always requested Matt to give me my money’s worth and take the financial plans seriously. I wanted my plans to be aligned with my financial goals. But Matt would always take the questions as a question on his competence and answer in a rude manner.

I donít think Matt Riesenweber knows much about client service. And thatís the sole reason why I donít recommend Cornerstone Wealth Strategies to anyone. 

Cornerstone Wealth Strategies Review 2020: Conclusion

Donít take the risk! Go someplace else. 

You can find many financial planners in Kennewick. So donít risk your money by investing with these jerks. Individuals tend to hire Cornerstone Wealth Strategies because they only read praises about them. There is not a single review that covers Mattís services or behavior. I donít know the reason why no one has ever shared such an important detail but nevertheless, you shouldnít bother risking your money with them.†

I didnít get any returns from the investments Matt had recommended me. And I donít plan on staying with those investments further. The fact Matt never told me why those investments are good for me bothers me a lot. Iím pretty sure he keeps many clients in the dark.†

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