Coromandel Stamford Stamford Connecticut


Complaint: Last week I sat down for lunch at Coromandel. My water glass was dirty and my fork had food between the prongs. Having worked in the restaurant industry I know these things can happen so I did not make a big deal of it. Midway through my Kodi Vepudu my wife says she felt something brush against her foot. I look under the table and there is a cockroach crawling across the floor. This was the last straw…I asked to speak to a manager. A “Mr Johnson”” comes out from the back with his arms crossed

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Address: looking down his nose at us. I tell him what has happened and that I don’t think we should have to pay for this substandard meal. He basically calls my wife a liar and tells me he will call the cops if we don’t pay. I have a thick skin but my wife was thoroughly offended. Being the bigger man I left enough cash to cover the bill

Website: 68 Broad Street Stamford, Connecticut United States of America

Phone: but I feel as though I was had. Coromandel needs to learn a thing or two about respecting women if they want to stay in business

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