Corporate Collections International Review


Sharon English of Corporate Collections International has been pestering me about a debt that I do not owe. I have informed in writing to cease and desist all collection notices as per federal law and she seems to think she’s above the law, as she still continues to collect. | She is collecting on a bogus debt from a company called The Blaine Group Inc., owned and operated by Devon Blaine, a smooth-talking liar of a “publicist” who has no real media contacts yet charges an arm and a leg to get people “publicity” through no-name podcasts. When a client realizes the sham, they stop paying the exuberate monthly fees and then Devon Blaine uses this shyster collection agency (Corporate Collections International) for bulldog strong-arm collections tactics. | I do not owe the $17,000+ that Sharon English of Corporate Collections International claims I owe. Without a shred of documentation (other than a bogus invoice generated by her shyster friend and colleague Devon Blaine), there is no debt. There were no services rendered on the contract with Devon Blaine. | Here’s what happened: | Devon Blaine falsely portrays herself to be a publicist. She even has a Beverly Hills office to help give her sham operation some kind of credibility. Decon Blaine told me everything she wanted me to hear about how she’d get me nationwide publicity for the book that was coming out. So, she had me sign an agreement for 6 monthly payments of $5,000 each, totaling $30,000. | However, about halfway through the contract, I started to notice that she wasn’t getting me publicity in any of the cities she promised (and that were clearly listed in the contract). Being on a tight budget and realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to comply with her own contract (promising 18 cities in a media tour), I told her that it was best we parted ways. | At that point, she had gotten me “publicity” on 4 lame podcasts, operated out of people’s home offices with an audience of maybe a couple hundred people. Totally unprofessional and NOT the media she promised to get me when she was smoozing me over lunch with her sales pitch about what an awesome publicist she was. | So, we parted ways. Or so I thought. After the 6 months was over, she came back with a threat to sue me for the remaining balance of the contract that she didn’t even complete! She promised media in 18 cities. She got me a handful of podcasts, not even enough “media appearances” to make up 18 cities let alone 18 appearances! | She then has unleashed a “bulldog” discount collecation agency she dug up in Arizona, probably from the Yellow Pages or something. I had to put a stop to the collection agency with a formal written cease and desist notice. As per federal law, any collection agency is supposed to stop collecting after a written cease and desist notice is given. | Yet this collection agency is still at it, still trying to collect, and without a single piece of proof that I owe anything on this bogus “invoice” generated from Devon Blaine’s computer. (Anybody with access to Quicken or QuickBooks can generate an invoice. It doesn’t make it real or legit.) | I should have listened to my attorney. Before I decided to use Devon Blaine as my publicist, he warned me that she did this to others. I didn’t listen to him. Now I’m regretting my decision in trying to use Devon Blaine as my publicist because she really is the worst. She doesn’t get ANY of the media she promises. | She can only get podcasts and other useless media that won’t drive book sales. And then when she breaches her own contract, she then uses bulldog collection tactics and lawsuit threats to desperately get the money. She’s useless at her job and greedy beyond belief. | I’m waiting for her to sue me now. Once she files her lawsuit, I’ll counter-sue for the $15,000 I paid her (for nothing, thus getting completely ripped off), all of my legal fees, and punitive damages exceeding $500,000. | So you don’t have to deal with the nightmare I’ve had to deal with concerning Devon Blaine and The Blaine Group Inc., avoid using this deadbeat woman at all costs. She talks a good game but when it comes to getting the publicity she promises, she falls short due to her lack of real connections in the real world of media. | In the meantime, I’m having to deal with this bogus shyster collection agency run by Sharon English (Corporate Collections International). And likely I’ll end up suing them too.


Name: Corporate Collections International

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Scottsdale

Address: 6908 E Thomas Rd # 303

Phone: 1 480-345-2500


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