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Complaint: I was hired by Sishman with the understanding that, and I quote, ” We are winning contracts all the time and with your vast experience you will be promoted in no time.”” Knowing I had 30 years in law enforcement and had chosen to stay in security and not return to that field. I worked for them for nearly a year. During that year I had seen employees fired or relocated to places you needed a GPS to get to. All the time waiting for my promotion. Their is a Sgt in command who isalso named Ayala. No experience what so ever. But he is the brother of the second in command and so that wouldn’t require As men were fired for no reason that should warrent firing they were replaced by minority women at a very large percentage. Still waiting for thephone call. Once I had to go to Sishmans office to request a job assignment which I was not being considered for. He of course wasn’t aware of the low down underhanded scams Ayala was pulling

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Address: but he should have. There was the guard who let it be known that in the contract with (SAWS) we were supposed to get a weeks vacation after our first year and he was moved to Siberia and demoted

Website: she told me she used to be picked on at her last company and once she got to know where the gate posts were

Phone: for that info leaking out to the staff. He has since moved on to another security agency. Know one that works for CSS actually knows what else is in that contract which should be public/employee knowledge. The truth in the contract will never be released since someone is making a kickback on all that vacation money they are not paying out. Finally I got a new supervisor

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