Cortes Advanced Dentistry


She talked me into getting this device, a DNA, she was experimenting with because my bottom teeth were pushed forward with aging and because of many prior fillings. She said it would realign my bite in addition to having many other benefits of opening my airway, preventing sleep apnea, “Taking away wrinkles”. She never informed me that I would have to wear this appliance for the rest of my life, that I would have to return to NYC when adjustments were needed, that she that she would have no interest in any other aspect of my dental needs. | After she took an impression for the DNA, she insisted that I needed to have two old amalgam fillings replaced and that when she did so, she would adjust my bit. She should have done better planning in staging the procedures. Not only did the DNA not fit after she changed my bite, this very expensive device hurt and caused ulcers as long as I wore it. The “adjustments” she made to my bite when she replaced my fillings created a Class III malocclusion (her own assessment). | When I later complained about the problems with the DNA, she first would not listen to me, then made untrue claims, e.g., her DNA fixes herniated disks, fixes sleep apnea (that I didn’t have). The device actually obstructed my airway and made me snore – the opposite of her outrageous claims … She ignored my complaints and told me I’d have to live with this malfitted device, until I got stern with her and told her to stay in the room and hear me out. After I nailed her down, she conceded that I needed a new DNA, and only because I wouldn’t take no for an answer, conceded that she would provide it rather than charge me an additional $2000 on top of the $9000 she charged me to mess up my bite. | She is expensive but if you aren’t participating in her DNA research, she totally abandons you to her hygienists and hired help. She keeps you waiting for hours each time you need to see her. She doesn’t give informed consents and the education she tries to provide is provided in such a disjointed manner that it is incomprehensible. | I have used the prescribed DNA for years now. It has moved my teeth all over the place and I still have tender places where it rubs, sensitive teeth where it rubs the tooth. It makes me snore. I still have wrinkles. | She showed me a picture of myself before the DNA which coincided to a time when I was having health issues that prevented my exercising, and compared that picture to a current picture where I have shorter hair, am exercising daily – and told me that my longer neck and tighter skin is related to her DNA. False. | She insists that her DNA reverses herniated disks. False. She told me that it improved my airway from child’s size to adult size – impossible to prove. | She can’t stop talking about how wonderful she is. We all get enough of that from watching TV these days.

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