Costa Cruises Vancouver British Columbia Review


We booked a cruise with Costa Cruises through their affiliate site.We were suppose to start from Venice. Booked airline tickets and ready to go on our honeymoon.Than about 2 days before our flight, the volcano erupted!All of EUROPE closed down and our cruise was in 2 days (SUPER RARE DISASTER!).How is my wife and I suppose to go to another continent without a plane in two days?By swimming like a dolphin???!!!Anyways – emailed the affiliate and costa cruises – no response and the response we got was the ship is sailing because it hasn’t been effected by the volcano. OFCOURSE NOT because its a ship – PEOPLE got affected and their once in a life time plans got effected – not a SHIP!!!We didn’t event want a refund – just so they can re-schedule – but they gave us ZERO OPTIONS! absolutley ZERO. Their defense was we didn’t purchase the small insurance fee??? WOW!!! I DIDN”T KNOW YOU GUYS HAD VOLCANO PROOF INSURANCE???? UNBELIEVABLE REALLY!! but now I dont want a refund BUT my MONEY BACK that Costa Cruise STOLE – How can you guys live like that or do business like that?We paid over $3000USDI have all the email communication with these low lifes.”

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