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Complaint: To start with DO NOT trust Chris Reyes or Countertop Solutions. Chris speaks very well and gains trust easily. He came to my home to diagram what I wanted and measure for a new kitchen and tearing out the old one because it was falling apart. Firts off he required $7,000 up front. I had several quotes and was tired of people coming through the house so Chris seemed honest. I found out later if a contractor requires money up front don’t do it(I didn’t know this) it basically means he doesn’t have enough backing him to the next job. The team he called in to demo the kitchen tore the board backing the tile all up and cracked the electric top I was going to donate to a shlter and broke the globe of an overhead light which is still missing to today. I went to the warehouse to see the progress of cabinetry and noticed the gas top would be next to a cabinet which was a firecode violation if i wouldn’t have caught it it would have been installed like that(lack of design) I didn’t realie until later the doors of some of the cabinets bang into the oven enclosure and fridge enclosure when opened(lack of design). I saw hinges with paint on them and called them out because we had paid for new hinges and found these were froma previous job(untrustworthy). I also noticed wood variations and the imperfections in the pieces would not allow stain because of them. I now have no choice but to paint them. I had another craftsman come in and told me I had 3 different wood types in the trim and cabinetry instead of the Birch I though I had ordered. Boards were warped and you could clearly see the bow and Christ stood about 6 inches from my face and said he couldn’t see what I was talking about. My husband was there and was so upset that he called the police and told him to get out of our home. This person never got a license or permit to work in Liberty like he is supposed to and would never show me his Insurance and I asked him several times for it. Needless to say our kitchen will never be what we paid over $20,000 for. I had to pay an additional $2,000 to redo 16 cabinets, redo the pantry she made the shelves slide out instead of stationary as Chris had them and she also changed out the trim and floor trim. It’s a very sad situation and I am an aggressive person who knows craftsmanship and that is why I butted heads because I knew what they were doing was wrong and beware of this phrase he uses,”Trust me I’m a professional I would never do anything to hurt you or compromise your plan.”” Yeah right Chris. He tried to have another guy come in and make it right but we were burned by now. They went over the deadline by a month we couldn’t use our kitchen through Mother’s day my son’s and my husband’s Birthday they were working even on Sunday. Just don’t use them this sounds like a bad after school special and it it’s still not the kitchen I wanted. The cabinets are still unfinished and one of the sliding drawers broke right after installation it lasted 3 weeks. I also found out I have 3 different types of drawer gliders from 3 different Companies and the doors all have bigger space gaps than they should when they are shut you can only adjust them so much a MESS!”

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Address: 1314 Erie St Kansas City, Missouri USA


Phone: 913-231-3032

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