Countess Adonis Tyler – Spokane, Washington Washington


This woman will sleep with your husband if she gets an opportunity. A evil and reckless excuse for a female. She knowingly gets involved with married men in hopes that they will leave their homes to take care of her and her two kids from two different men. She married an ape sh*t reject who is clueless about the games she’s been running on him. BEWARE! Wives! If this POS finds out your man has something going for himself she will try her best to destroy your marriage. She doesn’t mind sucking and f#*king her way into any position that she thinks will benefit her and her kids. This [email protected]*e laid up with my husband off and on for a few years and got nothing but the f#*king run around a few dollars through moneygram and and stress oh and lie after lie. She lied and told my husband she couldn’t fed her kids, her lights were getting cut off and the b#*ch faced eviction after eviction. She moved from spot to spot running form all the hoe moves she’s made. Claimed she was molested by her daddy a dope head… you know the usual “trifling hoe mentality” that somebody owed her something. If your man is weak or going through something like my husband was this hoe will be attracted to him but will pretend she didn’t know he was married. Countess Adonis Tyler (Burris is the maiden name) is her name and she is a nurse so BEWARE this [email protected] will TRY to take your man!! Karma is a b. Keep screwing married men and your days will be cut short. Stay in your lane amd out of cheap hotels with married men.

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