Courtney Ann Watters – McCreary County, Kentucky Kentucky


Courtney Ann Watters is a nasty add wh*re who plays men so she can get her bills paid. She has slept with 25-30 men, once she didn’t even know the dudes name and asked for the money out of his wallet. She goes from boy to boy and constantly hurts them as she claims to “love them”. She had a texting relationship with a old friend of hers uncle and denied it once caught. She asked her friends uncle for $40 in exchange for pictures but she says she has never talked to him, that he only texted her. Even though multiple people witnessed her texting said person back. She had sex with one guy and had thoughts afterwards that he might be her cousin but before finding out for sure she still continued to have sex with him. She worked at Cracker Barrel and was seeing an 18 year server that worked there and all she cared about was taking his virginity, and when he didn’t give that up she moved onto someone else. She joined the marines thinking she could do it but she literally sent letters home 2 weeks later saying “I can’t do this. Find me a way to get out. I’m going to tell them that I’m going to kill myself if they don’t let me come home.” and so on. She has quit college twice because all she knows how to do is clown make up on her face. I feel very sorry for her. Looks fade, which she doesn’t have much of those anyways, but once looks fade all you have left is your personality and NO ONE is going to love her nasty, conviving, awful personality. She’s been pregnant twice and self aborted both times because she is to immature to go and do it the right way or even raise the baby at all. She’s a terrible person. She is so insecure about how tiny she is but will ridicule other people about their weight, she makes absolutely no sense. If you are ever offended by her think to yourself, should I really be offended by an insecure troll doll who thinks nothing of herself but she’s a white trash whore and can do makeup? Nope. You shouldn’t.

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