Courtney Lettss – Anchorage, Alaska Alaska


My husband & I started dating 6 & a half years ago. A couple years before that he had broken things off with this woman Courtney Lettss because she had cheated on him & was very manipulative. In the months before he & I met he was very lonely & had just moved to my city. Apparently they had started talking again during this time. After a few weeks of us dating he tells me about her & that they had planned for her to come down to Colorado to hook up but he was going to tell her not to come because he was starting to think I might be “the one”. She was livid to say the least, oh & did I mention she was also engaged??? Anywho he changed his phone number because she would not let it go, she eventually got married & I was all happy thinking this woman was gone. Well now 6 years later she’s looked up his # off of our business website & apparently due to some recent issues in my marriage they have been talking for at least a few weeks & what I found was disturbing. This b**** & idiot have been conspiring to abduct my 3 year old to Alaska to make some sort of demented cheater family with her two very, very young children. Oh, did I mention she’s still married & has her husband convinced I’m making all this up??? Boy is he going to be sorry… she has to just be a master manipulator.

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