Courtney Marie Chartier – Limestone, Maine Maine


Everyone has their own one-sided stories of how their partners betrayed them – I never thought I would have one of my own. Where do I even begin… I met Courtney before I even met my now-fiancé. She was the girlfriend of one of my close friends. We talked, were face-book friends, you know the usual. She would always get these random messages from her ex-boyfriend begging for her back, so we sort of connected over senseless girl-talk at the parties. Everything changed once she found out who I was dating. I was deleted off face-book immediately. (RED FLAG NUMBER ONE) I couldn’t understand why at first. But a few months later I found out my boyfriend was Courtney’s annoying EX. (RED FLAG NUMBER TWO) I didn’t think anything of it when I first found out. I was a single mom when I met now-fiancé. I was very careful with our new relationship I didn’t even allow him to meet my child for months. Until I knew things were serious. I never had any issues trusting him, clearly, I should have. He had a weird relationship with Courtney’s brother. When I asked he just said that they were best friends. He always went over to their house but assured me she wasn’t there and I trusted him and her. (RED FLAG NUMBER THREE) Forward ahead a yearish – we bought a house, we got engaged! When Courtney’s brother found out he messaged my fiancé and called him a dumb ass. I obviously asked why, and all I got was “he just always wanted me to be with Courtney”. (RED FLAG NUMBER FOUR) I started planning a wedding, we set a date for July of 2015. My fiancé kept distancing himself from me. I could sense something was going on. The truth finally came out and I was told he was still hung up on Courtney. But, he blamed it on the fact that it’s the memories, stuff they did instead of it being because of HER. I caught him searching for her on FB and other sites. (RED FLAG NUMBER FIVE) I agreed to stay because he didn’t want our relationship to end and we put the wedding on stand-by. July 2015 had passed, winter had set in and before I knew it, it was a new year. Things seemed to be getting better, or so I thought. He started a new job working nights with amazing pay. I would bring him dinner every single night to work, stay up really late until he got him, and still made him something yummy for when he got home. He told me to start planning a wedding, we picked our wedding party, I bought my wedding gown, and I hand-made 200 Rustic save-the-date’s for February 17, 2017. I was so happy. One morning, after dropping our then-four-year-old off to school, I was headed to class and got a face-book message from Courtney’s boyfriend asking me to text him. So, I did. March 10, 2016 was the day I lost who I was because I allowed a little girl to eat me alive. A few nights before my fiancé messaged me and told me he had to work late – he didn’t end up getting up until about 2 AM. Turns out, he was out fucking her at Trafton Lake in Limestone. A few nights before they decided to have sex they were out on snow sled riding around having a good time while I was at home making sure “my” man would be taken care of when he got home. When I found out all this from Courtney’s boyfriend I lost it. I was beyond devastated. But sadly, the new-found news didn’t stop there. He was texting her and hanging out with her our whole entire relationship. The week they had sex they were texting back and forth trying to find a way to get rid of me. Courtney bribed him with money, said her bank account had six digits. Said she could take over our house payment, truck, payment, and car payment. Called him stupid for wanting to be with me. But when I approached her about it she denied everything she would send me screenshots of only things he would send to her. She made it seem like she wanted nothing to do with him and that he was only perusing her. They said I love you, they were going to try and get pregnant so they could stay together because he didn’t want to “give her away”. They even made fun of me, called me fat, etc. She kept telling me I should leave him because he wouldn’t leave her alone. It was sickening how convincing she was. She even told him if he didn’t continue their fling she would tell me everything. After all of this, I packed my things, and was in the process of moving out while he was sleeping. Then, he woke up, begged me to stay, which worked. See the thing is, not only was it me in this relationship but it was also our son, and I didn’t want to take him away from his daddy. So. I agreed to stay to make it work. A few months passed, things seemed to be getting better. He blocked her number from our cellphones, and allowed me to go over all phone bills. He re-proposed to me and everything. I thought it was all fixed and I was starting to believe him again. Forward to June – it’s a small town. We attended a high school graduation together where Courtney was at. When I seen her wearing the same shirt I had just purchased I literally wanted to barf. There were after parties that we planned on going to but something ended up happening and I was unable to find a babysitter. So I told him to go, and I stayed home. A couple days had passed and SURPRISE they were texting while he was at a graduation party. Saying the same stuff, etc. He denied it, saying it was one of his friends texting her. Then, in July when I was working nights, I was sleeping inside and him and our son were outside. I caught them texting again! I was done. I put my wedding dress up for sale on face-book for everyone to see and I let go of any hope that I had left. Ironically, Courtney and I are both going to the same college for the same thing – SOCIAL WORK. A person studying the behaviors of people, trying to get into the profession of helping people and she has been a lying, conniving, psychotic bitch for the last three years. Definitely someone I wouldn’t want working for my business if and when she graduates. I know they are both to blame. I know it isn’t one sided. It’s now November 2016 and to this day my fiancé and I are still together. Not sure for how long, and not even sure why. I went from being the most confident person in the world, I loved myself, loved my life, and now I hate myself. I don’t like getting up in the morning, I don’t like doing anything with friends anymore, and I am constantly asking “what’s wrong with me”. Every time I see her I am instantly in rotten self-loathing mood. I hate what this situation has done to me, my dreams, and my family. It isn’t just about her being a home wrecker, they both destroyed my life, and who I was and I would give anything to have myself back.

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